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5th June, 2011

Dear Friends,

yah01My name is Thanya, and being from Thailand, a place where Thai often takes precedence over English, I had a task on hands, when I was asked by one of my clients to write up a business proposal of 5 pages. My client was from the United States of America, and obviously, impeccable English grammar was expected.

I could have got this proposal written from a pro copywriter, but that would have cost me a fortune. Instead, I chose to use my programming skills to come up with the grammar check software.

I realized one thing – If this is my problem, it could be so with my other Thai counterparts too. And the need for well written English copies doesn’t just subside anywhere in the world.

I tested this system out by getting the business proposal done, and wonder what – I also won a Million Dollar contract because of grammar checker software.

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Some facts :

The market seems to be flooded with a lot of grammar checker applications. But, did you know this – About 98% of these grammer checker software applications in the market are nothing but a load of crap. What else would you say if you get poor quality output, with the writing result turning up to be far from effective.

Statements like these cropped up time and again.

The idea is to generate with this proposal a huge sum of funds for my use.

Tell me – If you had to write a business proposal for example, would those kinds of statements even work!

Tired and bogged with seeing these statements, which were an absolute insult to English, I decided to come with WhiteSmoke 2010 – Grammar Checking Software.

This is what you get with this grammar checking software

  • A dynamic database, which allows the tool to keep checking to ensure every structure of the statement is accurate. The reason this database is dynamic is because it will allow changes to English language from time to time.
  • Natural Language Processing, an algorithm that allows you to check the effectiveness of the writing. The algorithm itself is very advanced, so you can be doubly sure of having a piece of writing that works. Truly what you had wanted from a grammar checking software!
  • The algorithm in this software ensures the final piece of writing that comes through as an output, is something that would work cool for you.
  • No errors, is something we are absolutely proud of with the WhiteSmoke 2010+.

The WhiteSmoke Software is an absolutely error-proof, quality grammar checking tool, which will work like a breeze for your English Writing needs. Grammar checking is an important ingredient to write good English, and that being said, you need a quality tool to do this.

With WhiteSmoke 2010+ Grammar Checking Software, this is something you get by default.

See what our clients had to say about the WhiteSmoke 2010+

“I have been able to finish off quite a few assignments and score high grades on them at the same time. Thanks to the WhiteSmoke Software, writing English assignments has not been a hoodoo task for me.” – T. Peters

“When I bought this grammar checker, I didn’t quite know if this product is going to be so useful for me. About six months down the line, I have realized why is it rated so high.” – Mr. John

grammar checking software promotion

If you don’t have the WhiteSmoke 2010+ , you are probably missing out on something!

Act now to get your copy of the effective grammar check software!

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