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Whitesmoke all-in-one toolGrammar check software, as its name suggest is a software tool that helps to check the grammar. There are many English grammar checking softwares that are in the market. However, not all give you a good output while checking the effectiveness of your writing. In fact, the performance of grammar check software largely depends on the internal software constituents that are described below.

Components of grammar check softwareA software tool is obviously built on a computer or machine language. However, to understand a grammar checking software, for example, an English language grammar checker; we need to know what components inside the software plays the crucial part. So, in perspective of checking a language grammar and construct, apart from the machine programming, it should contain the following:

  • A massive dynamic database: There should be a database, from where the program can access the information to check a piece of language writing. For example, the vocabulary, tense rules, language constructs, etc can be included in the database. A very important function that it should incorporate is that it should be dynamic. This means that it should incorporate new learning into the database, to expand it while implementing itself. Every language, including English, is going through a sea change, every time. The new language and new vocabulary should be added to the database, to make the tool up-to-date with the present generation.
  • Algorithms: Grammar check software should also contain effective algorithms to implement itself on a piece of writing. Searching the huge database and implementing on a piece of writing, while taking care the different context is not an easy task. So, to perform efficiently within less time, the grammar check software should use advanced algorithms. Generally, now a day, the grammar check tools are using the advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to achieve this aim.

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Function of grammar check software

The grammar check tools basically achieve three tasks to make our life easier

  1. Improve sentence constructions: These software checks for the sentence construct and point out common mistakes in terms of grammars and punctuation. For example, they point out the verbs with correct tense or points out where the comma should be used and where it should not be.
  2. Correct common mistakes: Not only they point out the corrections, they also suggest our common mistakes in language that we carry out in our daily life. They suggest you the usage of ‘a’ or ‘an’ before a word and in most case, do automatic corrections also. This is a very effective way of learning language and not to repeat those mistakes.
  3. Improve our language and speech: Once you learn the mistakes and know how to use the grammar; you yourself can suggest the new vocabulary or sentence constructs to the tool. Most tools have options to include the new suggestions inside their database. This improves your language and speech, saving your time and improving your software tool to adapt with new form of language.

So, grammar check software can work wonder, if the components and function is achieved to give the user the required benefits. The users should also work with the software to understand it better and take maximum advantage of this tool.

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