Are you a professional writer who needs to churn out several articles in a day? Are you an editor of a magazine who proofreads and edits pages upon pages of copies everyday? Are you an article marketer who need to write hundreds of articles on a variety of topics to be submitted to article directories? Are you a CEO who need to write several memos and emails in a single day? Or maybe you are just someone who simply loves to write and thinks your writing has so much more room for improvement? Then you must seriously consider getting an English grammer checker which is readily available on the Internet.

You’re probably thinking that you don’t need an English grammer checker simply because you are a native English speaker and speaks fluent English. Please be reminded though that speaking in English and writing in the same language are two totally different things. The written word has more permanence in it and therefore it needs to be more formal and organized.

When speaking in the English language, we can usually get away with minor mistakes but only because they can get unnoticed. The same is not true with the written word which can get scrutinized over and over again. If every sentence that you are saying in a single day gets transcribed and put out in written form, it would be surprising to have at least 20% of them that are grammatically correct.

A good example of this would be blogs. Most bloggers tend to write in the same manner that they speak. As a result, may of the blogs out there, including the popular ones, are written in very poor English.

This is the reason why there really is a great need for an English grammar checking software. Of course you can always check your grammar manually. But that would take too much time and effort. And if you will check your grammar yourself, you are subjecting your text to human error. You could also hire an editor. But this is hardly an option for most writers because it would only be an additional expense.

So the best option for any writer out there is to get an English grammer checker.

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