Grammar checking software were developed to help writing professionals, students and other individuals who do a significant amount of writing on a regular basis to produce grammatically sound copies with impeccable spelling and perfectly placed punctuation marks. Stand-alone English grammar checking software are more advanced than those found in some of the popular word processing programs such as Microsoft Word and Open Office Writer.

Because the written word has more permanence than spoken word, it needs to be more consistent in terms of grammar in order to be understood well and for it to be able to communicate better. A copy with less than perfect grammar and spelling is considered a major embarrassment for any self-respecting writer. This is the reason why too much premium is accorded to grammar rules.

In the past – before computers became the staple device that they are right now – writers check and correct grammar manually by carefully proofreading and going over the text several times to find errors and to correct them. This activity is hated by most writers because it is time-consuming and inefficient.

Thanks to modern technology, grammar checking can now be as easy as clicking a button. The time spent by writers now on checking grammar with the aid of a grammar checker software is just a fraction of what writers before used to spend to ensure perfect grammar in their copies.

There is a misconception that a grammar checking software acts as a tutorial on how to achieve perfect grammar. Grammar checking software – as its name suggest – merely checks and corrects grammatical errors and do not teach grammar rules.

There are many softwares for check your English grammar available. This is why selecting one is easier said than done. If you want to get the best grammar checking software available then look for a program that has the following added features: spell checker, punctuation marks checker, etc. To get the best grammar checking software, it is also advisable to read the different reviews online to get a feel of a product before actually buying it.

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