I would love to simplify the spelling and make it phonetically logical. We have 26 letters which make 44 different sounds which can be spelled approximately 440 different ways! No wonder even people with college educations can’t spell sometimes. English is only 40% phonetic.

I have always spoken correct English at home. I expect others with a high school education to do so also. I was an English Major in college. I am not in favor of a national language body like the French have because English will always be a living language. Prepositions don’t necessarily need objects to make sense. I think if I met a person who spoke absolutely correct English grammar all the time, he would have to be from another planet. There are too many rules and I found the grammar part of English classes very boring except when I studied the New English Grammar which was finally new material.

Now, what have been your frustrations about our native tongue? Any ideas how to improve it?
Yes, I am an English major. This question was written after a very tiring weeklong vacation to an adjoining state. After proofreading the question, I knew that I would sound like an "over-educated I-don’t-know-what". I didn’t delete the question because I would not lose all the effort I had put into it. Besides, maybe the answers would be interesting.

One of English’s greatest strengths as well as its weakness (spellingwise) is that is borrows en mass words from other languages. It has always been a living and vital language. I am afraid that we are all stuck with it, but the best part is that each one of us who speak it or try to learn it has a part in determining its ultimate destiny and shape! I really love the English language!

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