Among the many grammar checker software available, one program has gained the admiration of many writers and it is the Whitesmoke program. The popular grammar checker software has just recently released its 2010 version and it looks very promising. It still has the features that has made Whitesmoke one of the leading grammar checking software available in the market today, namely, its algorithms and accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation checking capabilities.

Old Whitesmoke program users will be happy to discover that their favorite program now features a better looking and more user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). Now, it’s even easier to use Whitesmoke with its improved hints and suggestion feature. Instead of getting hints and suggestions on pop-up menus, the new Whitesmoke provides the hints and suggestions in the body of the text itself for a more natural feel. More mature writers would love the fact that editing text in Whitesmoke now feels like proofreading and editing it on paper. This is also less confusing for people who are not accustomed to working with so many open windows

The 2010 Whitesmoke program also features a vastly improved style checker. It still has the program’s patented Text Enrichment technology, a feature that has made this program very popular. With the improved style checker, the program can easily detect slang, broken sentences, informal sentences and even computer speak.

Another feature that has made Whitesmoke a very popular grammar checker software is its algorithms. The 2010 Whitesmoke features updated algorithms for more accurate sentence analysis and correction. With the update algorithms, Whitesmoke is now capable of making a distinction between countable and non-countable nouns, inconsistencies in the use of comparative and superlative words and detecting run-on sentences.

Other improvements of the 2010 version of Whitesmoke include the integration of composition tools, a collection o document templates, English lessons and a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus.

If you are serious about writing then it would be foolish for you to not get the 2010 version of Whitesmoke software. With a proven accuracy in detecting grammatical errors and added features, the Whitesmoke program can be a very valuable tool that should be in every writers computer.

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